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Pashmina, additionally popularly called cashmere. "pashm" is an old persian phrase for satisfactory wool."Pashmina" is derived from pashm. they're observed in the mountainous areas of nepal and central asia inside the himalayas. It is referred to as king of all wool for it is tremendous exceptional of softness , heat and lightness. The cashmere comes from the underbelly of chyangra (goats), which grazes high in the himalayas.


cashmere is one of the softest exceptional wool and has been produced for the time immemorial inside the himalayan area. the phrase pashmina (cashmere) is derived from ?pashm? because of this quality inner wool of himalayan goat-capra hircus goat(changra) that is living above 10000ft. from the ocean degree. those goats are domesticated in the highland of nepal, every spring village women harvest the pashmina through laboriously combing out the shedding hair of stay goats. after collection the fiber is going many specialised responsibilities, inclusive of sinning, warping, dyeing, fringe making and ironing entirely by means of hand traditionally.


cashmere products for all seasons, for all professions of every age. pashmina/cashmere products are incredibly fashionable and comfort wears for all. maintaining this energy, we've solely designed an unique wear for all with the a hundred% pashmina or cashmere.